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Welcome To Troop 9 Weymouth

Troop 9 is run by the Patrol Leader Council (PLC), which consists of eight members: a Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPL) and five Patrol Leaders. All of these members are scouts elected into their positions, with the exception of the ASPL’s who are chosen by the SPL. Entering scouts will be assigned to a Patrol Leader.

Our troop goes on multiple camping trips, approximately nine per year, in addition to other events. These include Camp Squanto, Camp Yawgoog, Wompatuck State Park, Ski-Trips and more. Troop 9 also attends a larger trip every other year. Most recently, we were part of the high adventure program run by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) where we got the pleasure to sail in the Bahamas. In past years, we’ve been to Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Upcoming Events

Due to the current impact of COVID-19, all in-person activities have been suspended. Be on the lookout for Troop emails for our planned online activities!

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Look out for Troop 9’s Bottle Drives

See the dates of our four yearly bottle drives, or donate directly to the Troop.