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Troop 9's Indoor Program is run by the Patrol Leader's Council (PLC), which is headed by the Senior Patrol Leader. The weekly 90 minute troop program is divided into several activities, some designed to teach scouts things and others strictly for fun. While the same schedule is not followed on a weekly basis, scouts can look forward to the following activities on a regular basis:

Merit Badge Classes Games
Advancement Classes Announcements
Skills Patrol Competitions
Patrol Time

Merit Badge Classes

During the course of the Scout Year, Troop 9 sets aside time during each meeting for scouts to work on merit badges offered by Troop 9 leaders. Currently, the merit badges being offered in Session 1 are First Aid, Personal Management, Family Life and Emergency Preparedness. Session 2 classes will begin the first meeting in December and will include the Communications merit badge. Scouts should let Mr. Gallahue know which other merit badges they want to earn during Session 2.
As always, scouts can work on merit badges outside of the troop meetings, they just need to coordinate with Mr. Gallahue.

For more information about Merit Badges, check out the Merit Badge Resources links on the Left Navagation bar or go to the Merit Badge section of the site.

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Advancement Classes

Scouts who need to work on advancement requirements are welcome to work on their requirements before troop meetings and at a designated time during some meetings. Tenderfoot through First Class ranks require scouts to be checked off on a variety of skills that they learn from the older scouts, through experience, merit badges or the skills taught at the troop meeting. One of Troop 9's goals should be to see that all of our current scouts attain their First Class rank by the time of the Webelos Crossover in February.

For more information about Advancement see the Advancement section of this site.

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This part of the Indoor Program usually revolves around what Troop 9 has upcoming in the Outdoor Program, and is assigned to the patrols on a rotating basis.
As Troop 9 goes on different activities through the course of the year, it is necessary to have different skills taught to the scouts so that they will be prepared for the upcoming activity. For example, before the White Mountains Hike and Campout, we had skills on hiking and cool weather camping. As the next activity is the Camp Squanto Campout with the Webelos, a skill on the patrol method will probably be forthcoming. With a winter campout planned for January, scouts can expect a skill on cold weather camping, and if the weather permits, snow camping.
Specific skills for advancement and competitions like the Klondike Derby and camporees are reviewed throughout the year when needed.

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Patrol Time

During the course of some meetings, Troop 9 sets aside some time for the scouts to meet in their individual patrols. While the scouts are encouraged to have patrol meetings outside of the troop meeting, it is convenient during troop meetings for the scouts to meet in patrols, especially before an upcoming activity. It is at these times that the patrols can confirm menus, attendance and plans for the activity, as well as to go over some minor matters.
With the Webelos Campout fast approaching, the patrols will want to finalize their menus, as well as plan the skill that they will be teaching to the Webelos. Remember, each patrol is responsible for a skill that will keep at least 8 Webelos occupied for 30-45 minutes.

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Patrol Competitions

Throughout the Scouting Year, Troop 9 has an ongoing competition amongst the 3 scout patrols and the adult patrol. Patrols earn points through the patrol members attending different activities, wearing the specified uniform, earning merit badges and other awards, advancing in rank, and competing as a team in various patrol events throughout the year. The patrol competition usually culminates in the Catapult Competition in the spring, although weather cancelled the catapults last year, and a full spring schedule may interfere with them this year.
In addition, patrols can earn points by solving riddles and puzzles, answering trivia questions and performing mystery tasks. Although some trivia and riddles may be posted on the bulletin board, scouts and adults should regularly check this web site for other trivia, riddles and puzzles that can be answered online. The mystery task will only be posted on the web site, and based on what it is, points will either be awarded to the first scout or adult who does what is asked, or if it is cumulative, then to every scout or adult who does what is asked.
During various times of the year, patrols may be permitted to challenge other patrols to try and take away some of the challenged patrol's points, but if not successful, the challenging patrol may end up losing points to the challenged patrol.
At the end of the Scout Year, the patrol with the most points will win the prize, which will be determined as the year progresses. Last year's winning patrol had their camp fees paid for at the White Mountains Campout, and will receive a discount on an upcoming trip to the Imax Theater at Jordan's Furniture. Current patrol standings will be posted on the bulletin board, while complete standings and results will be posted on this web site.

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Recognizing that Scouting is supposed to be fun, the PLC always sets aside meeting time for a game. Whether it is Cracker Barrel or King's Chair, some type of game will always be part of the weekly Troop 9 program. Variety is good, and the scouts are encouraged to come up with new ideas for the game period.

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Announcements may not be the most exciting time of the meetings, but it is a necessary time. With such a busy Calendar of Events and program, announcements keep the scouts and parents informed of what is upcoming and what they need to do and remember. Although we try to be brief, it is not always possible, and with so much going on, someone will always have something new to say. Scouts and adults should also check the Current Events site for more information on announcements.

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